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Trade Show Staff Training

Are you ready for the show?

You just spent a lot of money on renting the floor space; designing and building an attractive booth; marketing literature has been printed; flights, hotels and meals booked; display products packaged and shipped; you’re ready to go right?

What about your staff? Are they ready?

Is their language level up to it? Do they have the intercultural awareness and skills necessary? Do they have the networking skills? Do they have the negotiation skills? The presentation skills? Are they familiar with Booth Etiquette? Can they quickly qualify leads? Are they aware of their body language? Can they perform with these skills at their top level in a foreign language – while looking and acting their best after standing all day and socializing all night?

Are they ready?

English Language Training

There is no one-size-fits-all for corporate language learning.

We first determine what you need to do, then find out what your team can do. Once the ‘language gap’ is identified, we work with stakeholders to define training objectives and design a program to close that gap.

We go a little deeper.

We consider a lot of other things as well when putting together a training package. Urgency and time considerations, job scopes, interaction points, work schedules, company culture, company literature and documents, learning history, delivery method, KPIs and budgets. The result is custom training that can be intensive upskilling, industry specific, job specific, skill specific training, small groups or one to one training or any combination to meet your needs.

What are your unique language needs?

Business Skills Training

What are the business skills you need?

Leadership skills, Management skills, Entrepreneurial skills, Professional skills, all have lists of business subskills that seem endless. However, essential skills that are common to all are Communication skills.

English in context.

Our communication skills workshops focus on improving the trainee’s English in a specific context. We make them unique to each client by building bespoke programs, drawing on the latest subject books, course books, video, podcasts, case studies, simulations, company documents, games and activities to present relevant content and immediate impact. The activities promote language skill development complemented with timely feedback, providing tools trainees can use to communicate with confidence.

What skills would you like to know more about?

Other Stuff We Do

Sometimes you need more.

Communication is the oil that keeps your business engine running smoothly. Both internal and external communication needs to be concise, coherent, polite, unambiguous and error free to make sure that you

avoid costly mistakes.

Before you hit ‘publish’ we can help with translation, proofreading, editing and English localization of your website or marketing literature. It’s not enough these days to rely just on a machine translation of web pages, not to mention that various English speaking markets use different spellings and even different words to describe the same things. We can also help to translate your product and parts lists, manuals, signage, videos, documents and forms.

What can we do for you?

Client Feedback

Twój przekaż był bardzo czytelny, zapamiętywalny – to ważne. Lubię też kiedy zajęcia są konkretne, zaplanowane, merytoryczne – Twoje takie były.Gdybym miała jeszcze raz możliwość uczestniczenia w Twoich warsztatach, szkoleniach, etc., bez wahania wzięłabym udział i poleciła kolejnym osobom!

Magdalena Gackowska

Warsztaty były przeprowadzone perfekcyjnie. Jasności i czytelność przekazywania wiedzy, komunikatów, a przede wszystkim dynamika. Wyszłam z warsztatów w pełni usatysfakcjonowana!

Anna Stypczyńska

Warsztaty SUPER! Lisko, masz niesamowitą energię i oddajesz ją grupie!

Karolina Kordyaczna

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