Other Stuff We Do

Sometimes you need more.

Communication is the oil that keeps your business engine running smoothly. Both internal and external communication needs to be concise, coherent, polite, unambiguous and error free to make sure that you avoid costly mistakes.

Before you hit ‘publish’ we can help with translation, proofreading, editing and English localization of your website or marketing literature. It’s not enough these days to rely just on a machine translation of web pages, not to mention that various English speaking markets use different spellings and even different words to describe the same things.  Whenever we translate, the translator hands off to a native speaker to proofread and localize before it goes back to you, thus ensuring quality and accuracy.

We can also help to translate your product and parts lists, manuals, documents and forms that are essential for international customers and remote sites.

Making your foreign visitors feel comfortable and welcome starts with signage. From the parking lot to the loading dock we can take the role of a foreign visitor and do a walk-through signage audit for you.

We have experience with multiple accents found in international meetings should you need transcription services for recorded meetings, interviews, arbritration proceedings, or company videos.

So write or give us a call and tell us what we can do for you.